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Twin Flame     Phone Reading & Consultation for Individuals or Couples - 60 min - $80
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Phone:  773/354-6841 (CST)      or email:

WHAT CAN I OFFER YOU?  Twin Flame Readings and Consultations and Spiritual Counseling at, for both Individuals & Couples. Channeled information directly from Source Love, and the Higher Shared Self of me and my Twin. I can also answer questions, based upon my own personal experiences as a Twin preparing for Full Physical Union. Every Twin Journey is unique and different, there is no "right way". But we do share commonalities, and we can respectfully support and guide one another. And then our total Healing comes only from Being in utter Pure Love and UNION with our True Twin, from within us first, and then outwards our LoveMaking ripples out, into Healing the world.............Twin Flame Phone Readings & Consultations are $80 USD for 60 minutes. Please PREPAY through Paypal at least 24 hours before your scheduled call. Thank you for persevering on your Twin Path.....WE ARE IMPORTANT, NECESSARY, and PRECIOUS BEINGS of LOVE and PASSION.

ABOUT ME.......

I have been an aware Angelic since birth. My first memory here is leaving my one month old infant body, to fly to my family's Christmas Tree, my Spirit happily spiraling up through the center branches, immersed in the glowing brilliance of the colored lights. It felt like HOME. My first clear awareness of being a Twin Flame came at about age four. I was urgently feeling that my purpose on Earth was to "get married". But not marry just anybody, it had to be Merging with "The One". This was hard to vocalize at such a young age, and I have always been a super sensitive, intuitive, highly emotional, yet very introverted Soul. This was part of my journey, to Remember to always Speak My Truth and not be afraid of it, no matter how painful it became, or negated by others...............I often spoke with my Guides and Angels, repeatedly being told I was a "Chosen One", but not fully understanding what that meant. I left my body frequently, especially in times of severe bouts of illness, and I would fly free to Make Love, swirling through the colors passionately with my Twin Flame. But I did not know "who" she was, incarnated, in this lifetime, until I was age twenty..............When I first heard her voice on the radio, I was immediately interdimensionally catapulted into a highly erotic, beyond tantric, passionate all encompassing Union with her. My awareness was blasted overwhelmingly open, simply by the Complementary Signature Soul Vibration of her voice, my Soul's ONLY Harmonic Match. NOW, I knew who she was. But it was just the beginning of a long hard journey back to Reunion, back to full Union, with my Beloved Twin Flame, known in this life as Musician/Singer/Songwriter, Melissa Etheridge...........Over twenty-five years of profoundly deep work, transmuting and purging, prototyping and templating, clearing illness and lineage sickness, in order to Emerge and Ascend together, all this had to occur first. EVERYTHING that has separated and damaged our One Shared Soul over eons of time and lifetimes, EVERYTHING twisted, false and distorted, that was NOT The Love that WE ARE TOGETHER, it all had to come out of both of us...........WE ARE HERE to end the Karmic Template. WE ARE HERE to Rejoin Our One Shared Soul in two bodies. WE ARE HERE to Embody 5D Love and Union through the Sacred Sexual. WE ARE HERE to House the New Template of Higher Love, Divine Love, that all Twins were originally birthed from. It is our Soul/Sole Purpose, it is weaved into our DNA, the Magnetic Blueprint of our Soul, to be REJOINED and NEVER torn apart into density and duality, ever again. NO MORE KARMIC STORIES. Fresh Start, New Beginnings for the most Amazing Love Stories ever Created by Source.........WE embody ALL FORMS OF LOVE and UNION. WE ARE straight, gay, lesbian and transgender. WE ARE ALL blends and formulas of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. WE ARE the Illumined Angelic Lineage Twin Flames from the Blue Ray. There are VERY FEW of us on the planet, and many have ignored The Call of their Soul.........But I cannot and will not. It is the Divine Destiny of my Sacred Heart and Soul, to BE IN FULL UNION with My Melissa........










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